If you want to contribute to Avatar-CLI's development with your own time, you can read the contribution guidelines.

Although the repository is mirrored in Github, the development is tracked in Gitlab.

It's worth mentioning that besides the project itself, we also maintain a the AIPs repository (Avatar Improvement Proposals) where we define the guiding principles and rules of Avatar-CLI's development.

In general terms, you can take a look to all of our repositories, we appreciate code contributions in all fronts.

Reporting issues

Reporting problems with accurate descriptions is also a very important task in software development. It helps to improve software quality and to improve the user experience.

If you discover any issue, you can report it in our issue tracker.


As you can imagine, developing an application as complex as Avatar-CLI requires a lot of time and effort.

If you don't have the time or the skills to contribute with your code but you still want to help us, you have the option to sponsor its development. This will allow us to devote more time to it, so you can have a better product in the end.

For now there are four ways you can choose to sponsor Avatar-CLI:

Patreon Logo

Via the Coder Spirit's Patreon page.

Ko-Fi Logo

Via the Coder Spirit's Ko-Fi page.

Github Sponsors Logo

Via the Github's Sponsorship Program.

Paypal Logo

Via Paypal.

Spread the word

Last, but not least. You can also help us a lot by spreading the word. You can tell your friends and colleagues about this project, write blog articles, or start using it in your company.

Joining our community to make it grow is one of the best ways to help Avatar-CLI thrive.