Common steps

First, install docker, if you haven't already.

Install in Linux

You can install Avatar-CLI in two different ways:

Install in Macos

For now there's only one way to install Avatar-CLI in Macos:

Via pre-compiled binaries

For now, only Linux binaries are available.

  1. Download a pre-compiled binary from the Releases section.
  2. Place the file in a directory listed in the $PATH environment variable, like /usr/bin, or $HOME/.local/bin.
  3. Make it executable with chmod +x /path/to/avatar (adapt the path to your particular case).

Via Cargo

If you are a Rust developer, then you already know Cargo. If you don't have it in your system then you can obtain it via rustup.

Once you have cargo, you can install Avatar-CLI with the following command:

cargo install avatar-cli